1. Pre-Reading

Look at the picture. Where do you think the lady comes from?

Mexico Scotland England Turkey Russia Korea

2. Reading

Allison Wallace

Hi there! My name is Allison Wallace. I come from Glasgow, which is in Scotland. Glasgow is my hometown and I love it! Right now I live in London with my sister Mary. We have a small apartment near the center of the city. I am a student. I study computer programming. I also work as a computer programmer a few hours a week. My sister Mary is not a student. She works in a large company as a manager. I eat many kinds of food. My favorite is Indian food. I also drink Italian coffee every morning. I speak Spanish, French and German. I don’t speak Japanese, but I want to learn. I don’t play sports because I don’t have enough time. I want to be a computer programmer.

4. Writing

Look at these sentences:

Mary works in London.

My sister likes movies.

Her brother lives in Scotland.

In your notebook, in an email message to your teacher, or in the box below, write some sentences about Allison. Start your sentences with “She”.

3. Questions