1. Pre-Reading

Look at the pictures. Each person is from a different country. Who is from which country?

Mexico China Italy Turkey Russia Korea

2. Reading

I am from...

Hi. I am Pak Jee-Eun. I am from Korea. Did you know that in Korea, people say their family name first? That means that Pak is my family name. My friends call me Jee-Eun. I am a university student. I study art. Everyone says I can draw very well. I want to draw pictures for books after I finish university. I live in Seoul, the capital city of Korea. I moved here to go to university. My family is from Chejudo, a large island in Korea. I miss them, but I am having a good time in Seoul.


My name is Oscar. I am from Mexico and I live in the city of Guadalajara. My job is making films. Right now I am making a film about a family in Guadalajara. The film shows interesting things about the family. I want the film to show people what life is like in my city. I like my job because I work with my brother, Francis. He is a very good person and it is very nice to work with him.


Hello! My name is Pinar and I am from Turkey. I come from Istanbul. I love my city very much because my whole family lives there. If you look closely at my picture, you can see an airplane behind me. That is because I am a pilot. I fly airplanes for a small company. I take tourists to small islands in the Mediterranean sea. I really love my job. I get to meet interesting people and I get to do my favorite thing, which is flying!

4. Writing

Look these sentences:

His name is Dawoud. He is from Syria.

In your notebook, in an email message to your teacher, or in the box below, write two sentences about Oscar, two sentences about Jee-Eun and two sentences about Pinar.

3. Questions