1. Pre-Reading

Look at the picture of the boy. Which words describe him?

funny sad old short thin
happy young friendly tall angry

2. Reading


Hi! My name is Jacob and I am from Argentina. I am 10 years old and everyone says I am a funny boy. I think it is true. Whenever I go to a party or spend time with my family, I make people laugh. Sometimes I tell funny stories, sometimes I make a funny face. My favorite thing to do is to tell funny stories. I also like reading, and playing video games.

My older brother Thiago is also funny. He is 12 years old. We love to make each other laugh. Sometimes we have so much fun that we get very noisy and our Mom and Dad yell at us to be quiet. Thiago and I always have a good time together. He is my best friend. I really like having a best friend who is my brother.

3. Questions