1. Pre-Reading

Look at the list of jobs. Which ones do you think are good jobs?

teacher writer policeman nurse artist

2. Reading

An American Family

In the White family and the Schrader family, each person has a different job. Each person likes to do different things. Sometimes they have problems, but they all love each other very much.

Walter White is a high school chemistry teacher. He is also a businessman. He has two jobs because he needs money for his family. He works very hard so his family has a good life. Flynn is his son.


Skyler White is not a teacher. She is a writer. Skyler is 35 years old and she is married to Walter. She is going to have a baby next month. Walter and Skyler are very happy to have a new baby coming.

Marie and Skyler are sisters. Marie works in a hospital as a nurse. Sometimes Marie does bad things. This makes Skyler angry, but she still loves her sister. Skyler helps Marie with her problems.


Hank Schrader is a policeman. He likes being a policeman very much. He likes to make the city a safe place. He is 43 years old. His wife is Marie.

Flynn White is not a teacher. He is not a policeman. He is a high school student. He is 16 years old. He is different from the other students in his school. Sometimes he gets angry with his parents. He likes to spend time with his friends.

4. Writing

Study the sentences:

Walter is a teacher.

Flynn is a student.

Sklyer is a writer.

Now think about the people you know. In the box below, in your notebook or in an email, write sentences about the people and their jobs.

3. Questions