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Electric Cars
An electric car being charged

A Where do cars get their energy from? For most cars, the answer is gasoline (petrol). But some cars use electricity. These cars have special motors that get their power from large batteries. In addition, there are some cars that have both an electric motor and a gasoline motor. These types of cars are called hybrid cars.

B Most people tend to think of electric cars as a new invention, but they have been around for a long time. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries electric cars were popular because the technology for petrol engines was not very advanced. But once the petrol engine because easier to make and more powerful, these types of engines became the most popular. Interest in Electric cars was high in the 1970s and 1980s because oil became very expensive. Recently, electric cars have again become popular because people want cars that pollute less.

C Electric cars are better than petrol cars in several ways. The biggest benefit is reduced pollution. In areas where there is a high percentage of electric cars, there is less pollution. But it is important to understand that electric cars still cause pollution. Remember that the electricity to power electric cars has to come from somewhere, which is most likely a power station. Unless these power stations run on solar or wind energy, they are most likely burning fossil fuels to make electricity. The second benefit of electric cars is a reduction in the dependence on foreign oil. There are several countries, including the United States, that don’t want to rely on oil coming from other countries to power their transportation systems. They want the power to come from within their country, and since electric cars can run on electricity from coal or nuclear power stations, there is less of a need to import oil.

D Despite the benefits of electric cars, there are some problems with them as well. One disadvantage is that electric cars are more expensive than normal cars. This is mostly due to the high cost of the batteries these cars need. Electric cars run on batteries, just like a mobile phone does. But unlike a mobile phone, you cannot charge your electric car’s battery by plugging it into a wall. They need to be charged in special places. Right now, there is a lack of places where people can charge the batteries of their electric car. Another problem is that electric cars cannot travel as far as gas cars. Some people are afraid that the battery will run out of electricity (and the car will stop) before they reach their destination.

E Despite these problems, many people, including automobile industry experts, believe that the percentage of electric cars will increase in the future.

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