1. Pre-Reading

People watch movies in different ways. Which ways do you watch movies?

  • From a DVD
  • From the Internet
  • At the cinema
  • On a TV
  • On a computer
  • On a phone

2. Reading

Do you like movies?

Hi! My name is Marco. Do you like movies? I do. I like movies very much. Everyone in my family likes movies too.

My family watches movies in different ways. Sometimes we go to the cinema to watch movies. Sometimes we watch movies at home. When we watch movies at home, we see then on DVDs. We also watch movies from the Internet.

My favorite movies are action movies. I like exciting things and action movies are exciting. My sister likes to watch movies also. She does not like the same kind of movies that I like. She likes movies that are funny. My father likes to watch movies about real things and real people. These kinds of movies are called documentaries. My mother is different from all of us. She likes all kinds of movies.

Last week we watched an old movie. It was called “The Sound of Music.” It was about a family living in Austria. They were very good singers. In the movie, the mother died. The father and the children needed a new mother. The family was also in some danger. At the end of the movie the family was safe and they got a new mother. I liked the movie because it had a happy ending.

4. Writing

Study these sentences:

I like action movies.

My sister likes romantic movies.

My brothers like funny movies.

My friend likes Korean movies.

Now, think about the people you know. What kinds of movies do they like?

In the box below, in your notebook or in an email, write sentences about the people and the types of movies they like.

Be careful with your verbs. Use a dictionary to help you with new words.

3. Questions