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Outdoor Health Benefits

There are many things you can do to have a healthy life. Many people know that eating healthy food and exercising are two of them. Something else people can do is to spend time outdoors, in nature. Scientists have discovered what most of us already know: being outside has positive effects on human health.

Being outdoors exposes us to sunlight - which aids our production of vitamin D, which helps many parts of the body work properly such as the brain, heart, skin. Vitamin D also helps the body maintain good bone health. But don't spend too much time in the sun as it can burn you.

Spending time outdoors can also help reduce the chance of being overweight. People tend to be inactive inside. Additionally they are more inclined to eat a snack. These two factors can lead to weight gain. But when people are outdoors they do things: they are active. This activity can help control weight.

Another benefit of being outside is the positive effect it can have on personal relationships. When people are outside they tend to do things with people. This can lead to an improved social life, which has been shown to make people happier.

One of the biggest benefits of spending time outdoors is stress reduction. When people spend time in nature, such as at a park, they experience more positive feelings and fewer negative ones. This leads to a decrease in stress, which can lead to better health because stress lowers your body's ability to fight off sickness.

Many people spend long hours at work where they spend most of the day inside. After such a day, spending some time outside will have a calming effect, which can reduce stress. Being out side can also help give you energy if you feel tired. The fresh air can also help increase the amount of oxygen on your body.

So next time you're feeling a little down, head outside. Chances are you'll feel better for it.

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