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A For most people, a regular work day means waking up, eating breakfast, driving to the office, working for about 8 hours and then driving back home. But not all workers have this experience. Many people work from their homes. This kind of work is called telecommuting or telework. A person who telecommutes is called a telecommuter.

B People have worked in their homes for thousands of years. But the modern idea of Telecommuting started in the early 1970's. Improvements in technology, specifically networking technology, helped support the development of telework. As communications technology became cheaper and more powerful, telecommuting became more of a choice for workers.

C Both companies and individuals can benefit from telework. One benefit for companies is that it can save money. It can also help improve morale. This is because employees who have choices about how they work are often happier. If employees are happier, they are likely to be better workers. This is good for the company. As for individuals, they can save money by reducing their transportation costs. They also gain time because they do not have to go to the office every day. Depending on how often they work from home, telecommuters can save between 15 and 25 workdays per year.

D Even though there are many benefits to telework, there are also some drawbacks. The biggest concern employers have about telecommuting is lack of control. If the employee is not in the office, managers don't know what they are doing. Telework can also damage a person's career. Managers are more likely to give a promotion to employees that they see on a daily basis. Therefore, telecommuters have less of a chance of getting promoted than regular employees. As telecommuters often work alone, another negative side-effect of telecommuting is isolation.

E Telecommuting has an important place in today's modern economies. Helped by more powerful technologies, tele-workers of the future will be able to communicate in new and improved ways. This will make telework better and ensure that it has a place in the economies of the future.

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